The proposed development includes:

  • A discount foodstore of around 1,800 sqm

  • Three other large format retail units, comprising around 3,600 sqm in total

  • Four smaller retail/leisure units, totalling c. 600 sqm

  • A drive-through restaurant

  • Hard and soft landscaping, including pedestrian linkages

  • Over 300 car parking spaces

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We recognise that the site provides important routes for people walking between the town centre and the estates around Brinkburn Crescent. The development will not close off these routes.


We will create a new legally recognised foot and cycle path through the site, shown in red, and this will become a designated Public Right of Way. Existing trees and bushes along this new route will be thinned and pruned whilst new lighting will be installed.


Unrestricted movement will continue through the site by an enhanced pedestrian desire line along the route coloured orange, which together with the new Public Right of Way will then connect into routes outside the site including those shown in yellow. These new routes will be in addition to the existing footpaths around the edge of the site, including those shown in green.

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